Find a Climbing Partner.
Find a Climbing Partner.
Any Time. Any Place.
Find your Climbing Buddy

Always have difficulty finding climbing partners to keep up your love for climbing? Let us solve that need.

Grow the Climbing Community

Climbing is not just a sport, its a lifestyle. And we can’t do it alone. Let’s build our team of like-minded passionate individuals.

Browse your Next Destination

Heading somewhere for work or a vacation and hoping to squeeze in some climbing? Find out who else is there.


This website and the mobile app is still in development stage.  However, should you like to be a part of our team and ignite your passion for climbing, you can contact us in the below contact form.

Estimated launch date: 20th of May 2019

Who We Are

3 passionate rock climbers who volunteer their time and money to the bigger cause.



Send us a message if you have any questions about this project or would like to help us in any way.